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Siapa yang pecinta browser MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD..?? kebetulan saya tidak memakainya sob.. jadii mungkin sobat sendiri yang dapat menceritakan ke tangguhan dan kehandalan dari browser ini.. kalo di lihat dari gambar burung sama kertas.. kira-kira apa menurut sobat..? menurut saya dapet info dari pohon kelapa sebelah no.. katanya browser ini sebagai browser biasa dan untuk manajement email yang aman, layaknya OUTLOOK si mickocok noh.. lalu kita juga dapat mengatur dengan anti virus kita agar terhindar dari virus dan SPAM, serta fitur-fitur lainnya... weh.. apa bener ya..? . penasaran.. Terbaru neh.. cekidot..

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird

Simple and powerful graphical
Programs and other automatic identification system capability installed Mylklaynt Import and complete the transfer, the program's address book and e-mail
Supports RSS and, Newsgroup each site using RSS The program events such as news or latest posts can be added without looking at each individual site review. RSS Language for those who are following several Web sites daily for new content and must spend a lot of time to review the events of each site is very good.
Account the capability of creating tools for newsgroups
Ability to identify and combat JunkMail prevent unwanted spam emails Tblyfaty
Supports SSL and PGP protocols
Support facilities such as data encryption to send and receive letters and Amzaydyjytal
Disable the ability to execute code in the text Javaaskryp and images of suspicious letters
Full support for Unicode UTF 8 and Persian, Farsi or Persian Fonts in your Windows if it is installed, Thunderbird is able to display letters and Persian texts.
With useful and practical extensions and plugins (eg Bidi UI is an extension that once installed, the problem of users typing letters in Persian Farsi will remove right to left)
With diverse and practical tools for classification and to distinguish the desired e-mail using labels
Ability to quickly switch between different accounts in the program
Filter capable of sending or receiving letters regarding the date, sender name, subject, etc ...
Full compatibility with Windows operating systems, Linux, Macintosh and Unix


semoga bermanfaat guys


kuyhAa� androiD�?

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