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Dingin nie sob..  cuacanya dingin nie.. yah.. bagi-bagi software lagi deh.. sipa yang lagi butuh software DEFRAG HARDISK..??yap.. tepat kalo berkunjung kesini.. sebenarnya kalo dari windows sendiri sudah menyediakan y defrag.. hanya di lihat dari kualitas tentu masih kurang.. nah.. di sini saya akan bagaikan software DEFRAG terbaik ke 2 menurut saya.. dan banya juga menggunkan ini.. sebenarnya saya nyari yang pertama .. namun kondisi download yang tidak memungkinkan karena di batasi IP..  baiklah.. nie nama DISKTRIX ULTIMATEDEFRAG dan tentu VERSI TERBARU ,  dengan DISKTRIX ULTIMATEDEFRAG sobat dapat mengoptimalkan kemampuan hardisk dengan sangat optimis.. dan kinerja akses mampu meningkat 300% lebih tinggi dari biasanya... wah.. tertarik untuk mencobanya,...? sangat di sarankan.. cekidot..


langkah aktivasi [matikan koneksi internet]
1. install DISKTRIX ULTIMATEDEFRAG jangan di jalankan DULU
2. Selanjutnya.. jalankan KEYGEN, lalu pilih ACTIVE..

[ enjoy.. full version


Features software DiskTrix UltimateDefrag

To achieve optimum performance hard drive file access, you are accountable to a computer
Placement strategy files, control files and programs that want to increase their efficiency gives
Unused data (such as ZIP Files and unused Windows files) Out puts
For best performance, the directories are placed in the optimal location
With at least 1% free space, Defrag does
Defrag the full and enjoy a quick 3 to 5 minutes
Powerful Defrag Methods With Over 33 Defrag Option Combinations of the four selected
Make fully operational all the drives, as they have almost the newly formatted
You do not need to examine the partitioning. Ultimate Defrag works at the moment of the partition
Defrag is a disk emulator in the first full
Always wear your hard drive to say goodbye
Defrag your files are. Ultimate Defrag Defrag Your File System provides
In this case there is no black box and you have full control over your files
Placement Optimizer with the timing of when you're away from your computer, it can Defrag
All of these features in an incredibly powerful program with a volume less than 5Mb, it is accumulated
Planning and re-encoding files deleted
The new graphical user interface customization
Defrag engine is accelerated, and smarter. File placement techniques and new Defrag makes fast file placement and movement will be less
Placement nearest space for deleted files can be
Cleaners exclusive space
Minimal file movement
Better placement of files for free space
Very fast file placement, distance, low to the left for faster Defrag
Placement is very fast and robust high-performance file files and Defrag File Archive times faster for the HP and Archive files have been added
File Defrag is very fast location method is added for strength
Select more files have been added
Wildcard file selection
Ability to select HP and Archive based upon absolute data, percentage and days of use so far
HP and the ability to unify and sort files Archive
More select the file over 200 file selection / choice Defrag is for placement
As data is moved forward index file, the update does
HP and Archive paint themselves into groups that each user can see the File Archive, HP or normal zones has
Automatic Defrag method enables the user to be applied to least used files to inner tracks or inside data sets will
Choice of start time to allow time to set up Defrag removed Defrag provides powerful and flexible that it allows the owner to the end of January 2008 to 72 is free of charge. Since launching the current version of Defrag was incomplete and very vain
Since launching the Defrag method will have the following features:
Defrag MFT in place to optimize the distribution of the data center and the particular placement
Optimizing the paging file instead of as a distributed data center to Defrag and specifically the placement
Find all Mtafayl Defrag and optimize the location of the NTFS

semoga bermanfaat guys


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